Recovery of excise duties on diesel

Refueling diesel in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Spain or Slovenia has its own advantages. Specifically, in these countries, it is permitted to recover part of the excise duty on diesel in addition to the VAT. The reimbursement per litre offers an attractive saving on fuel costs.

Complex procedures

The compensation varies per country and per season. The biggest problem is the difference in procedures. They range from fairly complicated to extremely complicated. Belgium allows claims per month, quarter or (half) year.

Advances on Belgian excise duties

Alfa Transport Service is happy to pre-finance Belgian excise duty under certain conditions. Contact us about the options.

Liquidity and solvency

Alfa Transport Service is a specialist in recovering foreign VAT and excise duties. This concerns amounts that run high. Especially when the customer is more active outside their own national borders. Those who prefer not to wait in line at the foreign tax authorities for payment, opt for pre-financing. The money will be in your account within a few days. What does this mean? Quick and one hundred per cent guaranteed.

Innovative service provider

The intensive collaboration between the operational and IT department enables Alfa Transport Service to implement various working solutions for new applications. Everything is focused on optimising services to customers and partners.


  • For all companies with a fleet of 1 truck or more.
  • Interesting savings on your fuel costs.
  • Belgian excise duty on diesel oil can potentially be advanced (up to max. 80%).
  • Competitive rates (commission).
  • Payment of the commission upon reimbursement of the excise duties (in the event of non-advance payment).

Track & tracing via online web portal

There is nothing as annoying and time-consuming as a ledger that doesn’t balance. That is why the online web portal is online 24/7 for track & tracing of progress. All invoices are available in real-time on screen as well as an overview per country of the amount and current status of all receivables.

More Information? Feel free to contact us and feel the peace of security.