Belgium raised the Fuel Excise rebate

The Belgium authorities raised the fuel excise rebate again. At this moment there is a rebate of 0,1930094 eurocent per liter. This rebate is applicable on diesel purchased from 06-02-2018.

Is Belgium still an attractive country to fuel up? Yes!

The diesel price in Belgium is rising and at this moment 4,5 cents p/l higher priced than the Dutch retail price. Nevertheless, it pays off for companies to fuel up in Belgium, due to the high fuel excise rebate which is currently 21,33 cents per liter.    This is a rebate especially …

Stricter supervision French fuel excise rebates

The French authorities have announced to be stricter when it comes to correctness and completeness of the fuel invoices. This may have consequences for (a part of) the refund of the fuel excise duty.   Missing and/or manually added data may cause rejection of the entire invoice and it will cause delay. Which invoices …