Fiscal Representation

Have you performed VAT-taxable transactions in a country other than the one in which you are established? Then you must register as a VAT-taxable person in that country. In addition, you are also required to report periodically.

Thanks to our extensive network and on-site presence, you can appoint Alfa Transport Service as a representative to meet foreign administrative obligations. Alfa Transport Service relieves you of all administrative burdens. We have the knowledge about the country in question and know the rules and the way. We handle the registration and the periodic reporting for you, which gives you the freedom to do business as an entrepreneur.

Tax representation services

  • VAT returns
  • Administration and reporting of ICP (Intracommunity services) statements
  • Advice on VAT
  • Contact with tax authorities
  • Registration tax representation
  • Applying for permits


Additional tax assessment and liability

Whoever comes into contact with the complex European VAT legislation: pay attention to all risks of additional tax assessment and liability. As a tax representative, Alfa Transport Service is ready to help with this. The specialist controls the only correct method of invoicing and VAT return for transactions abroad.

More Information? Feel free to contact us and feel the peace of security.