Data Integration
5 czerwca 2019

Data integration is a complex process in which data from different data sources and IT systems of a company are merged, improved, enriched and cleaned. The data are then presented in a uniform manner, so all available data provide clear insight. In this way, raw data can be easily analysed and turned into (commercially) usable smart data for the business.

Good Data Integration Provides Benefits

The use of multiple systems leads to many different data that, in turn, are entered by many different employees. This fragmented manual work significantly increases the risk of error in the use of customer data. Integrating data ensures that data are stored and modified in a uniform way, often in one central location. Additionally, different types of data can be integrated, which further increases efficiency within organisations. Great benefits can be achieved through good data integration. It enables continuous access to current data for users, fewer error margins, faster business processes, better communication through integration into company systems and direct insight from every system. Many companies already struggle with linking up the various IT systems, let alone if a third party (customer or supplier) is a party in the collection of data in a single system. In practice we see that many actions are duplicated and that this can be prevented through smart data integration, with all the associated advantages.

Mapping the Process Flow

Alfa Transport Service recognised this and mapped the actions that were taken to recover the VAT and/or excise duties. The size of the overall process flow was huge and included steps that could be omitted, thereby promoting an error-free and efficient process. Particular attention was paid to the method of data collection and the feedback information for our customers. For the latter specifically, we devised customised interface solutions that made our customers very happy. Many (large) companies can benefit from this solution.

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